This Time


Martin Rothblatt had his cock turned inside out.

Since then she’s been Martine.

I met Martin, not yet Martine, in 1989.

In 2006, it was declared that Martine’s baby, once divided by FCC Solomonites, might be made whole, even as Martin’s old cock became Martine’s new hole.


In 1989, Martin discussed with me an opportunity to become CEO of his new company.

I didn’t want to move to Washington, so that was that.

Martin was, as Martine is, much more than a mere genius. He/she gets things done.


Through time, the FCC stopped worrying about folks saying “fuck” long enough to make Martin/Martine also change his/her application for a brand new system of direct satellite radio transmission. They wanted to “assure competition.” That’s how the XM and Sirius systems were born. Now a merger has been agreed upon. This will provide band width and other assorted blessings to elevate the complete technology to Martine’s original design . That’s why Martine was interviewed by Howard Stern for almost two hours before millions of satellite listeners after news of the rebirth broke.

Naturally, Howard spent significant time discussing Martine’s personal as well as professional alteration – engineering enlightenment into endorsement.


Martine Rothblatt
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

“Martine Aliana Rothblatt Ph.D, MBA, J.D. (born 1954) is a transgendered American lawyer, author, and entrepreneur. Rothblatt graduated from UCLA with a combined law and MBA degree in 1981, then began work in Washington DC, first in the field of communication satellite law, and eventually in life sciences projects like the Human Genome Project.”

“Rothblatt is responsible for launching several communications satellite companies, including the first nationwide vehicle location system (Geostar, 1983), the first private international spacecom project (PanAmSat, 1984), the first global satellite radio network (WorldSpace, 1990), and the first non-geostationary satellite-to-car broadcasting system (Sirius Satellite Radio, 1990). As an attorney-entrepreneur she was also responsible for leading the efforts to obtain worldwide approval, via new international treaties, of satellite orbit/spectrum allocations for space-based navigation services (1987) and for direct-to-person satellite radio transmissions (1992).”

Martin/Martine didn’t just have his cock turned inside out.

It’s even wilder.

Some say he stuck his head up his ass for good..

But things turn up in the strangest places.

A little light in deepest darkness.

It was 2004.


Martine/Martin founded “Terasem”. The name doesn’t matter. He could have called it “Ramalak.” If you search “Terasem”, you’ll run into a lot of big words. Here’s the bottom line:

To be at all is to be always, to be anywhere is to be everywhere, and to be anything is to be everything.

Terasem 1.1.6 “Time is transcended so that the collective future may help its past.”

OK for openers.

Terasem 2.1.6– “Souls will be reanimated via computational emulation because it is doable, respectful and completes Terasem.”


Terasem 4.1.1– “Securing partnership with the Multiverse is the ultimate purpose of life.”

Better yet.

Not yet the best.

This Place?

This Place is the surface skin of an infinite bubble with no beginning or end, back or front, up or down, sides, center or edges, sublime in spaceless suspension.


We momentarily exist in temporal linear form as transgenerationally resonant, self replicating machines, divided only by discernment.

I’ve spent this most immediate earth life vibrant with the ceaseless emotional oscillations of an unrepentant Irishman.


Living in a perfect world imperfectly perceived.

As do we all.

Children of the Light.


“In Him was life; and the life was the Light of the world.”

John 1.4

“While I am in the world, I am the Light of the world.”

John 9.5

“Whilst you have the light, believe in the light, that you may be the children of light. These things Jesus spoke; and he went away, and hid himself from them.”

John 12:36

We are all but a single eternal thought.

“And if you feel that you can’t go on –

In The Light you will find the road.”

Led Zeppelin (1975)

Smart, strong monkeys fuck pretty smart monkeys.

That’s how we get to This Place.

This Time.


2 Responses to “This Time”

  1. martine Says:

    some amazing poetry and very deep thought. dude is not bullshitting.

  2. petercavanaugh Says:

    I am so very unexpectedly honored by and profoundly indebted to Dr. Rothblatt for having posted the above comment, particularly since this final chapter in “Uncertainties of Life” already owes so much
    to her brilliant insight and bold leadership. I can’t wait to see what she has in store for us next!

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