Memorial Day Weekend 2009

And Where Do We Go From Here?

And Where Do We Go From Here?

December 20, 2008

Dear Katherine,

Well, here we are!

Your 16th Birthday!


Especially when you have such young Grandparents!

Although a 16th Birthday is extra-spectacular, no one in the world seems to know exactly why.

I just Googled it.

I’ve decided on my own that being 16 means (a) you’re no longer just a teenager, but (b) you’re still not quite an adult.

So “Happy Just Not Quite!”

When I was “Just Not Quite”, it was 1957, almost two years to the day after James Dean died.

In just three films, he personified an attitude which became “Rock ‘n Roll.”

“East of Eden” –(1955)
“Rebel Without a Cause” — (1955)—and

Thirty years ago, I recorded a “WTAC Editorial of the Air” for use over Memorial Day Weekend of 1978. It combined a tribute to James Dean by David Essex called “Rock On” with key clips from each of Dean’s motion pictures. At the time, I sent a copy to my friend Dave Marsh, by then an Editor with Rolling Stone Magazine. He sent me a lovely note back.

Last Sunday, I was on Dave’s “Kick Out The Jams” show on Satellite Radio when he surprised me by playing the old WTAC Editorial coast-to-coast with all sorts of kind comments. That was very cool. Dave’s wife manages Bruce Springsteen.

I’ve decided this might be something special for your “Just Not Quite” Day.

As you decide where do we go from here.

And which is the way that’s clear.

Love, Hugs, Kisses and Cake,

Your Loving Grandfather,


WTAC_James Dean

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