“Flint to Flint to Flint!”

Our “Flint to Flint to Flint” promotion on WWCK-FM in 1982 was singular in impact.

Flint newspaper and television coverage for WWCK was continuous during the entire duration.

The eventual ratings of a 14.3% total audience share during the “Trip to Flint” period was not only the best in the history of the station, but the highest measurement by market share of any Album Rock station in the country in the Fall of ’82.

WWCK was subsequently voted “Album Rock Station of the Year” by Burkhart/Abrams and Billboard Magazine.

The “Trip to Flint” campaign won not only a “Gold First Place Addy” from the Flint Area Advertising Federation, but was determined by the judges to be “Best of Show”, beating not only other local media efforts in all categories of entry, but also national Buick Motor Division advertising with multi-million dollar budgets submitted by agency giant McCann Erickson.

Thanks to Jeff Lamb, a.k.a. “Buffalo Dick”, a rare 9:45 copy of part of the campaign’s introductory phase has been found.

Incidentally, you can now Click Your Dick in 2010 at http://buffalodick.tv

The lengthy “Flint to Flint to Flint” piece, breaking every Rock ‘n Roll Programming Rule, followed a heavy ten day “live tease” period. It should be noted that the narrator is 19 year-old Art Morrison (now KCBS, San Francisco), as produced by 22 year-old Randy Stephenson (now President/Founder, RMS Recording Studios, Detroit, with clients including The Detroit Tigers, The Michigan Lottery and BF Goodrich.)

“Flint to Flint”–WWCK105FM

Narration by Art Morrison--KCBS, San Francisco

Produced by Randy Stephensen-President-RMS Sound Studios--Detroit

Written by Peter Cavanaugh, Oakhurst, CA


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