“Just Days and Counting!”

Howard Camping is an 89 year-old civil engineer who says we have just a few days days left. Then it’s Armageddon — the end of the world. Don’t start packing. He’s been wrong before.

Mr. Camping, heard regularly on Christian radio station 91.5 FM with a tower on Deadwood, claims Judgment Day will commence at 3 PM Pacific on Saturday — May 21, 2011. He says he’s getting that straight from God as revealed in the Holy Scriptures and promises he won’t screw up like last time when he swore the Apocalypse would kick off on September 6, 1994. That day came and went without much happening at all — except actor Jackson Pinckney was awarded $487,000 for being partially blinded by Jean-Claude Van Damme during filming of “Cyborg” and Aerosmith, Lisa Marie & Michael Jackson shared top honors at the 11th Annual MTV Awards, both events evidently not referenced in biblical prophesy.

Mr. Camping insists on his “Family Radio Network” that great earthquakes will shake the Earth that Saturday and continue through Oct. 21st as believers will be called to the heavens and the unrepentant will be thrown to the ground and shamed. Like in Ultimate Fighting.

Most faithful Christians dismiss Camping as embarrassingly errant, even as the Morning Order of Prayer in ancient Roman Catholic liturgy clearly states, “As it was in the beginning, is now and ever shall be, world without end. Amen.” But this hasn’t stopped Camping and his happy Campingers from putting up billboards coast to coast proclaiming May 21st is Doomsday, adding that “The Bible Guarantees It!” Camping has tens of thousands of true believers, but some folks will believe anything. Anything at all –even the wildest of truly whacky ideas.

As of today, May 19, 2011, here’s what I consider —

This Week’s Top Ten Craziest Notions Floating around the Central Valley:

(1) The world will end Saturday. Nope. It won’t even slow down on its 60,000 mile an hour trip around the Sun. Get out your stop watch.

(2) “ObamaCare” exists. There’s no such thing — just changes in Federal law falling far, far short of health insurance for all. Keep your eyes on the State of Vermont. The legislature there has approved Universal Health Coverage, i.e., coverage for all. In 1791, Vermont was the first State in the Union to outlaw slavery. Vermont was also the first State to mint a copper penny (1785), first to see victory during the Revolutionary War in
the Battle of Fort Ticonderoga (1775) and first to photograph a snowflake (1885). I thought everything cool started in California.

(3) Taxing the rich kills jobs. But it might kill idle financial speculation that’s costing us four bucks a gallon for gas — a fortune with every fill-up.

(4) An increase in the Federal Debt Ceiling will be treasonous without slashing programs for the poor and powerless. I agree with the late Kurt Vonnegut. He wrote, “I despise Social Darwinism.”

(5) Social Security is broke. It’s not. Social Security is entirely solvent and will pay full benefits at least through 2042. The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office even projects that Social Security may pay all benefits through 2052 with no changes whatsoever.

(6) Medicare must be replaced with private insurance purchased from “for profit” corporations. Or, yeah? Not if seniors have their say, especially our “seniors of tomorrow.”

(7) Abortion Rights, Same Sex Marriage, Collective Bargaining, Gays in the Military and other social issues, many thought to have been long since resolved, are a more important pressing priority than jobs, the economy and bringing our troops home. D’oh!

(8) Even though bin Laden is as dead as disco,”The War on Terror” stays alive and well. Osama sleeps with the fishes. GAME OVER!

(9) Like Fox News, our current U.S. Supreme Court is fair and balanced.
Can you say “Citizens United?” Corporations are legally complete human beings with the same rights, protection and privileges as any of us? Except maybe jury duty? Or military service? Or paying taxes?

(10) The Great Wall of Coarsegold will be fixed to everyone’s complete satisfaction so not a single soul will remain concerned about the whole darn hill crashing down on Highway 41 at the height of rush hour traffic. Hmmmmm. Maybe that’s something NO ONE believes. Not even Howard Camping.

With the world ending, why worry?

3 Responses to ““Just Days and Counting!””

  1. Les Marsden Says:

    Great post, Peter – but Camping is unfortunately influencing others who are (apparently) as daft as he: I listened to an interview with a youngish couple in the Southeast; they bought his line hook, line and stinker. Which might be nothing were it not for the fact their children are involved.

    This couple, fully believing the world WILL end on May 21 – many months ago quit their jobs. “What’s the point of saving for retirement?” was only one of the many quotes I heard during the interview. Worse: they’ve given away virtually everything, walked away from their house, holed up in an apartment with (according to their calculations) JUST barely enough money to get them TO, but not BEYOND: May 21. They don’t plan on being here on the 22nd. Thanks to Camping’s insistence: they’ll be raptured by then.

    They have kids. On May 22, those kids are going to awaken destitute. To parents with no jobs, no future: no home as they’ll have to leave that apartment. I have no concern or sympathy for the parents, stupid imbeciles though they be: but it’s those kids I’ve been worrying about since hearing that interview.

    Is Camping to be held responsible? No more so than any other dim-witted charismatic successful enough to brainwash other idiots into following his trail. But – and it’s a phrase which usually makes me cringe: it’s all about the children.

    One thing’s for sure: come May 22 I’m still here. Or “left behind” or roasting in hell. And considering the idiots walking the planet we share today, I don’t know that hell can be any worse….

  2. petercavanaugh Says:

    Amen! It’s the kids! May I be bold enough to reference https://petercavanaugh.wordpress.com/2010/10/20/its-the-kids/

  3. may 21st doomsday Yes or No? | 365EV Says:

    […] Blog Archive » Strange beliefs in the 21s.. Godless Negress : Returning from the Rapture. “Just Days and Counting!” « Peter Cavanaugh’s Blog Staten Island Man Says the World Is Ending on May 21st! I’m Willing T.. Bunker Mentality […]

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