“A Double Header in Oakhurst!”

“Take me out to The Kettle –
Bring me there about 9.
Buy me some breakfast – then sit right back
Les will be there just to get us on track.

Les Marsden

Les Marsden

Then on Sunday, Marc Boyd will visit.
We’ll all be right there in the Park.
For it’s one – two – both things are true.
First it’s Les — and then – our Marc!”

Marc Boyd

Marc Boyd

As my friend J.R. Froelich and I were discussing several days ago, one of the nicest things about Oakhurst is that we all seem to get along quite well in personal interactions, while
maintaining the right, if not responsibility, to hold vastly varying opinions on important issues of the day elsewhere, particularly those of national interest. Bill Atwood and I have even fantasized doing a radio talk show together, Bill playing Rush Limbaugh/Glenn Beck/Sean Hannity to my Ed Schultz/Rachel Maddow/Lawrence O’ Donnell. That would be a hoot and a half!

Bill was sharing his recent Tea Party activities in last week’s Star — stressing the right to protest — and suggesting civility as a more appropriate response to same than drive-by demonstrations of digital disdain. I couldn’t agreed more and, in fact, Bill’s extended commentary offering Conservative perspective prompts me, as a card carrying member of the Oakhurst Democratic Club, to enthusiastically extend an invitation to all, especially Tea Partiers and, for that matter, Republicans of all ages. We’ve planned an exciting two for one weekend just for you!

On Saturday, Les Marsden joins us at the Ole’ Kettle for our May Meeting at 9 AM. Les is not only Founder and Conductor of the Mariposa Symphony Orchestra, but also Chair of the Mariposa County Democratic Central Committee and Trustee of the Central California Democratic Council. Setting these and even more impressive credentials aside, the fact is that Les Marsden is one of the finest public speakers you will ever hear anywhere in the known Universe. The reason that’s important is that Les has agreed to tackle what sounds like a hideously boring subject; i.e., “The Impact of Top Two Primary Voting.”



But Les will wake us up to the extraordinary importance of this new twist in California voting law and, transitioning to an immediate application, Marc Boyd is hoping you’ll ask him a few questions in person the very next day.

Marc is running for office in the newly defined Assembly District 5. The Oakhurst Democratic Club would like to introduce him to you with a “Meet and Greet” this Sunday at the Oakhurst Community Park Pavilion from 1:00pm to 4:00pm. We’ll have music, family fun, food, coffee, soda, prizes, coffee and Marc — all absolutely free of charge on a beautiful, sunny, early Spring day — out in the fresh mountain air.

Marc is the only officially endorsed Democratic Party Candidate for our 5th Assembly District. He is our David, going up against not one, but two mighty Goliaths. Marc might be crazy. But consider the math.

There’s no need to wonder where Big Money is going. According to the Fresno Bee, Republican candidates for the 5th have raised or borrowed a combined war chest of
$ 643,000 and climbing — against Marc’s $ 6,000 and hoping. That means Marc will be outspent by better than 100 to 1. That’s not a typo. That’s ONE HUNDRED TO ONE.

And Republican registration in District 5 outweighs Democratic enrollment 43% to 32%.

Yet, with “Top Two Primary Voting” now in place and assuming a similar split among Independents, June 5th voting just might witness a Marc Boyd winning 42% of total ballots cast, with Madera County Supervisor Frank Bigelow and Calaveras County Businessman Rico Oller more or less tied at a rounded-off 29% to 29%. This would mean Marc will stay in the race against either Bigelow or Oller, depending on who wins a six figure arm wrestle for second place.

This will position Marc Boyd as a sharp alternative in November against either worthy opponent.

Kindly note that “Vote By Mail” ballots for the Primary will be sent next week, May 8th, and the last day to register for the election is May 21st.

I just got off the phone with Marc, having told him of this column and asking if ”David” had any last words for Star readers who might wonder how on earth he expects to go up against entrenched political power and win. His exact words for Goliaths on the immediate horizon?

“Don’t underestimate me when my heart and soul are in the fight!”

He’ll show us why come Sunday.

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  1. maestrolm Says:

    What a wonderful Blogpost! And what a remarkably tardy response!

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