“Debate Goes On?”

McClintock had them in stitches.

It was his blowing up a church story.

As painstakingly chronicled by Carmen George in last week’s issue of The Sierra Star, Fourth California District Congressman Tom McClintock visited us on September 6th and told a group gathered at the Coarsegold Community Center about how awful it’s been having our nation involved in “sort-of-wars”. For example, McClintock cited recent rules of engagement that prohibited chasing insurgents seeking sanctuary into a mosque. He then spoke of a grizzled old World War Two vet who was asked if he would have followed Germans into a church during combat. “Good heavens, no,” the veteran said. “We would have blown up the church”“an answer met by a roar of laughter from the crowd.”

If we re-elect Tom McClintock, the joke’s on us.

In reading Ms. George’s extensive McClintock quotes from Coarsegold and an earlier session before several dozen folks at Erna’s –”Heaven Sent for the One Percent” — it almost seemed as though our Sierra Star had become “The Troglodyte Times.”

Rather than drag readers through an endless litany of sad misjudgments, multiple contradictions, paranoid reflections, utter fabrications and agonizingly turgid rhetoric, suffice it to say Tom McClintock won’t have my vote — or that of anyone honestly paying attention and making a fair evaluation. Such consideration would come from balancing Tom McClintock’s history and hysterics against —???????????????

Do you know anything about –??????????????????

Most folks around here haven’t clue– and it’s not their fault.

Democrats usually don’t stand a chance in this new “Fourth District” and some years haven’t even put up a candidate in the old “Nineteenth District” in which we used to reside. Registered Republicans outnumber Democrats by double digits and can outspend them a million zillion trillion to one, this observation only slightly hyperbolic.

So here comes this guy from way up in Lincoln, over 200 miles north of Oakhurst, who arrived here from India in 1961 at the age of 10 without knowing any language other than that of his birth. His immigrant family was poor and struggled on a minimal income, his mother babysitting and his brother delivering newspapers to bring home more money. By the age of 18, he became a naturalized citizen speaking perfect English. Then he worked hard and studied harder.

He received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Chemistry from the State University of New York and his Ph.D in Chemistry from M.I. T. in 1980. Not a slouch. This led to a brilliant career in the semiconductor industry as an engineer, rising in management to oversee new products and businesses and implement annual budgets of over a billion dollars.

Jack Uppal has retired and is ready to work for you.

May he have an interview?

An opportunity for such may be shortly forthcoming through the Oakhurst Chamber of Commerce – a “Meet and Greet” in October similar to that afforded Representative McClintock with plenty of time to ask questions, take notes and enter into conscientious reflection and open discussion with Mr. Uppal and others in attendance.

What would really be perfect and put us all on the map would be an Oakhurst debate between Tom McClintock and Jack Uppal. Jack has already indicated his enthusiastic acceptance of such a challenge and herein encourages Tom to follow his lead and do likewise.

Representative McClintock is certainly used to sharing the stage with others, having spoken at this year’s Central Valley Tea Party Freedom Rally on the Fourth of July just before Jesse Peterson’s bitter commentary on Barack Obama, referring to our President as a “far-left,” “liberal”, “white-hating”, “black liberation theology believing”, “wealth redistributing”, ”lying”, “weak”, “poor excuse of a man” — and other hints of displeasure.

Jack Uppal is supportive of the Transportation & Jobs Act, Returning Tax Dollars to the District, Lowering Student Loan Costs, Rural Development Funding, Children’s Health Care, Equal Pay for Women, The Violence Against Women Act, the Food Safety Act, Homeland Security, Funding for our Military, the Campaign Disclosure Act, Opposition to Employment Discrimination, Payroll Tax Cuts and Science and Technology Funding, while Tom McClintock has voted against all these things.

Jack is strongly opposed to Privatizing Social Security and Ending Medicare, while Tom has voted for and/or indicated his firm endorsement numerous times of both. Hey, seniors! He’ll even open up that “Donut Hole” bigger than before. Want to fall back in?

Do I have anything wrong there, Congressman McClintock? Candidate Uppal?

We’re waiting in Oakhurst — hoping to close the door on vacuum inflicted ignorance with a public hearing and open minds.

We can’t become more with anything less.

2 Responses to ““Debate Goes On?””

  1. Lonnie Says:

    So you don’t like the idea of privatizing Social Security? You put your trust in the government to take care of your money for you?Well, they have done a horrible job of it so far. It’s all headed for a cliff and so far everyone is content to sit back and watch it head over. Now a few bold individuals have suggested doing something about it before it goes BK and they are the villains. It would be wise to evaluate every topic based on the good of the people and not weather comes from a your side of the isle or the other guys.

  2. petercavanaugh Says:

    I agree evaluation should be based on the “the good of the people” and have done so in this piece.

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