“A Challenge to Challengers!”


Reince Priebus is a mealy mouthed mouse with a Star Trek name who just squeaked “surrender” again.

Reince is National Committee Chairman of the Republican Party, elected on January 14, 2011 after seven rounds of voting in the aftermath of union busting Scott Walker’s election as Governor of Wisconsin. Walker endorsed Priebus’ bid for the Chairmanship from the get go, attributing the party’s and his November 2010 victories in Wisconsin to “Priebus’ leadership and involvement in the Tea Party movement that swept the state and the nation” during that election cycle.

So here we are with over 600 dead and thousands wounded in a single vicious day of bloody Egyptian rioting last week with hundreds more killed those same 24 hours in Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Lebanon as “The Arab Spring” has disintegrated into a savage summer.

Ignoring all that, as even Fox News now solemnly intones the American Middle Class is well on the way to economic extinction and global scientists have again universally confirmed our planet is undergoing the most severe degree of climate change in the last 65 million years, Priebus priorities have elevated to pathetic first place prominence — a new Republican pastime -– the art of cable spanking.

In a letter sent on behalf of the Party to Robert Greenblatt, Chairman of NBC Entertainment, and Jeff Zucker, President of CNN Worldwide, Reince demanded the networks cancel two independent productions because both projects still in development would be about — Hillary Clinton.

When refusal was instantaneous, Reince introduced and obtained a unanimous vote from all attending the National Summer Republican Committee Convention in Boston to ban CNN and MSNBC from covering Republican Presidential Primary Debates in 2016.

Setting aside the fact that Reince and the GOP have no actual power to enforce such a restriction, this marks another tactical capitulation on the part of Priebus to extreme right-wingers who remain dominant in Party planning, even though there was serious talk from Reince immediately following Obama’s victory last November about becoming more centrist.

But in an interview with Joe Scarborough on MSNBC in March, Priebus used such phraseology as “a lot of idiotic things” and “a lot of stupid biological things” in characterizing Republican campaign rhetoric in the lost Presidential election. Ever more evident is a continuing retreat from reality and reinforced realignment to the newly emerging theme that “the candidate was the problem”, theoretically making any contemplated departure from hard core conservative principles more heretical than ever. This was again signaled a few days ago at the Boston gathering when Priebus told reporters Mitt Romney’s reference to “self-deportation” on the issue of Immigration Reform was “hurtful and horrific.”

As top traditional Republican faithful gathered at that same Boston hotel where Mitt Romney learned he would not be President on November 6, 2012 — as these key players tried to determine and define the future direction of their imperiled Party – Gov. Pat McCrory (R) and Tea Party partners in the North Carolina State Legislature enacted and signed a broad bill to massively restrict voting rights, a move designed to deeply curtail minority and youth voting in the state.

And here’s Texas misanthrope, Ted Cruz, calling for the abolition of the Internal Revenue Service, perhaps leaving the payment of federal taxes to be defined as an optional exercise.

Not to be outdone, Rand “Surly But Curly” Paul keeps elevating attacks on New Jersey Governor Chris Christy for being fat and fatuous, but really because he was photographed being cordial to Barack Obama.

And there’s renewed discussion in Washington of once again holding the nation hostage by refusing to shortly raise the already Congressionally limited debt ceiling unless Obamacare is overturned.

But anything with our President’s name attached is automatically and bitterly challenged in certain circles completely regardless of content, branded as “bad” only because it involves “Barack.”

As a dramatic illustration, we witness California’s own national embarrassment, Congressman Darrell Issa, turning up absolutely nothing in extensive hearings before his House Oversight and Government Reform Committee tying the Obama Administration to any sinister wrong doing in the case of “Fast and Furious” and/or “Benghazi” and/or “The IRS” and/or anything else. Forget “mountains of proof.” He couldn’t even find molehills. Nothing. NOTHING. N-O-T-H-I-N-G.

I herein defy anyone, particularly local pundits, to produce a single shred of actual evidence indicating otherwise.

Come on.

Show what you’ve got. Put it out here.

As Clara insisted in those old Wendy’s commercials, “Show us the beef!”

Or let us blissfully rapture in your sullen silence.

5 Responses to ““A Challenge to Challengers!””

  1. Charles Walker Says:

    Meanwhile The One continues to run the “most transparent administration” in modern memory. All the stuff you post won’t offset the failures of the last 6 years when the next election rolls around. Fortunately for Hills the Rebooblicans won’t run Chris Christy ’cause he’s too fat. Too bad for all of us she didn’t win in 2008. Even she could have done much better job than the current president.

  2. petercavanaugh Says:

    Mr. Walker — You first reference Chris Christy being a “he”, then switch to “she” in the very next sentence. Are you inferring the Governor of New Jersey is a hermaphrodite?

  3. Charles Walker Says:

    No, I was actually lamenting the fact that Hillary didn’t win in ’08. Watching our current president acting like a post turtle while trying to figure out what to do with his highly touted “Arab Spring” is a painful reminder to us all that electing a neighborhood organizer and part time perfesser to the presidency just because Oprah crowns him as “the One” and Chris Matthews comes in his pants on air just thinking about him is not necessarily a good idea.

  4. Charles Walker Says:


  5. Charles Walker Says:

    I haff no knowledge uff dos camps! I vass only followink da orderzz uf mine zuperior offizzers!

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