“Get in The Game!”


“One thing I can tell you is you got to be free.”

“Come Together” — The Beatles — 1969

How could a full half-century have passed?

CBS-TV spectacularly came through on Sunday, February 9th, with a wonderfully produced commemorative salute to John, George, Ringo and Paul marking fifty years to the very day since”The Beatles” detonated at the Ed Sullivan Theater in New York and, with 73 million watching, changed the face of contemporary music forever.

I woke up Monday morning — my head filled with Beatles music — marveling at the passage of time and reflecting upon the curious world where we’ve all wound up, often captive to forces beyond our control rendering us incapable of exerting meaningful influence on what may well matter most.

Income inequality. Afghanistan.The drought. Syria. Immigration reform. Iran. Minimum wage standards. Iraq. Global warming scares. North Korea. Voter supression issues. North Carolina. The list builds on and on in what can easly become an endless assortment of ominously threatening things.

To our rescue comes the often quoted, though all too infrequently practiced “Serenity Prayer” by Reinhold Niebuhr (1892 – 1971) that goes, “God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.”

Living in a region clearly devoted to the preservation and enhancement of Second Amendment Constitutional rights, might I suggest it’s time to more seriously guard ourselves with a commodity mightier than bullets, more precious than diamonds, more valuable than gold — and freely ours for the taking. It is more critical than ever before that we boldly and with true commitment arm ourselves with knowledge — the ultimate power.

That means tapping as many different media sources as possible, becoming participatory in local political activities of all valid persuasions and consistantly considering the opinion of others with an honestly open mind.

A fine opportunity for meaningful knowledge enhancement comes our way from 7 till 9 PM on Friday, February 28th, at the Oakhurst Community Center as the Oakhurst Democratic Club will present a spirited debate between candidates competing for the office of Madera County District Attorney.

These would be Michael Keitz, David Linn and Miranda Neal.

Mr. Keitz is currently completing his first full term as District Attorney. David Linn, a resident of Oakhurst, has practiced law for the past 37 years and is currently senior partner at the law firm of Linn Law Offices. Ms. Neal, whose new entry in the race was encouraged and welcomed by Mr. Linn, has been a licensed attorney since 1991 and has been in her current position for the past eight years as a Madera County Deputy Counsel.

With litigation against the county, questions of mismanagement and an unsuccessful lawsuit brought by the Madera County Board of Supervisors for release of a county financed report, the Oakhurst Democratic Club is pleased to present Mr. Keitz with an opportunity to address these and other matters, as well as provide Mr. Linn and Ms. Neal with a chance to discuss their own qualifications and perspectives.

This is where you come in. Format rules will be identical to those used in prior debates sponsored by The Oakhurst Democratic Club based on general guidelines from the League of Women Voters.

Accordingly, questions for the debate should be submitted in advance to the Oakhurst Democratic Club in care of mizzes12@yahoo.com.

Please do this. Google search “Madera County District Attorney” or candidate names or anything else which might churn up meaningful data and — after reflection — send in just one interesting question. Then join us at the Community Center on the 28th for your response. Word is — get there early! We won’t be taking questions from the audience that night in conformity with establishd protocol, so this is your chance to lock and load beforehand.

You’ll find an opportunity to ask as many questions as you wish the following morning as the Oakhurst Dems hold their monthly meeting on Saturday, March 1st, at Denny’s with Madera County Fifth District Supervisor Tom Wheeler in attendance at featured speaker. Tom, recently elected Chairman of the Board of Supervisors, will bring folks up to date on various local fronts and offer his own analysis of significant issues of the day.

At the Democratic Club’s April meeting, you’ll have a chance to meet, greet and hear from Oakhurst Area Chamber of Commerce President Todd Miller, CPA (running for Madera County Auditor/Contoller); Paul Cliby (candidate for Fifth District County Supervisor); Paulina Miranda (competing in the 8th District State Senate race) and Undersheriff Michael Salvador, hoping to replace current Madera County Sheriff John Anderson, who’s retiring from office in January 2015.

The Keitz/Linn/Neal Debate on February 28th and Oakhurst Democratic Club Meetings of March and April (and every month) are open to the public regardless of party affiliation.

Let’s go!

It’s time to come together!

And get in the game!

3 Responses to ““Get in The Game!””

  1. Charles Walker Says:

    Is there a cover charge?

  2. Charles Walker Says:

    Or a minimum?

  3. petercavanaugh Says:

    Nurse? Walker’s out of his room again.

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