“A Moore Who’s not Michael!”

Art Moore


There’s a choice!

Although California Fourth District Congressman Tom McClintock is running for reelection this fall without facing a Democratic candidate in as heavily Republican a district as you’ll find anywhere in the entire free world, there’s hope on the horizon.

I’ve met and spoken with Congressman McClintock and have always found him personally charming, engaging and thoroughly professional, but Tom’s claim to fame as being one of only four House members to receive a 100% pure rating from such corporately controlled organizations as FreedomWorks and Club for Growth verifies his extreme conservatism.

This is a static stance I find intellectually uncomfortable and severely limiting, surely not representing my own basic values or those of many folks I hold in high regard, including quite a few Republican friends.

A headlined article in last Thursday’s Fresno Bee proclaimed, “McClintock faces credible threat,” and brought to my attention a gentleman named Art Moore, someone I sense we’ll be hearing a lot “more” about these next few months.

Former Eagle Scout Moore wears a class ring from West Point and served our country as an Army Major with multiple tours of duty in Iraq, Kuwait and Egypt, during which time he was awarded a Bronze Star for his service. Remaining as a Major in the National Guard, Art moved back to Roseville in December and is seeking to bring a fresh, new innovative face to Republican politics in the Fourth District.

I’m told he’s not afraid of moving things along with Democrats in Congress toward mutually agreeable and attainable goals. That’s the way government is supposed to work in our representative democracy to the benefit of all, something we haven’t seen in recent times.

Accordingly, the Oakhurst Democratic Club’s Executive Committee has voted unanimously to arrange and sponsor an Oakhurst debate between the incumbent, Mr. McClintock, and his challenger, Mr. Moore. Art Moore is opposed to federal funding of abortion, a bloated bureaucracy and The Affordable Care Act. He supports individual liberty, limited government, a strong military and personal responsibility.

Appropriate contacts have been initiated.

Quoting Dan Morain of the Sacramento Bee, “The question for the district’s voters is simple: Do they want their congressional members to ruminate, speechify and argue the fine points of what it means to be a conservative, or do they want a legislator who will legislate?”

The Oakhurst Democratic Club gets along with our local Republican leaders quite well. Our April monthly meeting this Saturday (4/5) at Denny’s will include a presentation by Oakhurst Area Chamber of Commerce President Todd Miller, CPA, who’s running for Madera County Auditor/Controller in the June Primary. I expect Mr. Miller will also be reminding us that the Chamber, itself, will be presenting “Debate Night With the Candidates” at the Community Center from 6 till 8 PM on Thursday, April 17th.

This Saturday morning, we’ll also be hearing from Paul Cliby, seeking election as Fifth District County Supervisor, and current Madera County Undersheriff, Michael Salvador, who hopes to replace retiring Sheriff John Anderson in January. We’ll also meet Paulina Miranda, running for the California 16th District Senate seat.

Saturday’s get together will start with breakfast at 8:30. The program begins at 9:30. Each of our guests will speak for ten minutes and then take five minutes for questions and answers. We’ll move things right along. I promise.

Although he won’t be at Saturday’s Meeting, I’d like to thank Ray Krause, busily campaigning in the First District Madera County Supervisor’s race, for asking me to fill-in for him on March 22nd as a “speech judge” in the 2014 Academic Pentathlon at the Ranchos Middle School in Madera. The young participants were simply outstanding and Office of Education Events Developer, Kristi Winter, is to be commended for her excellent organizational efforts.

So — during these last few weeks — I have found positive promise in our youth of today.

Including new leadership from 35 year-old Art Moore.

A Republican from Roseville.

2 Responses to ““A Moore Who’s not Michael!””

  1. Charles Says:

    How did you end up living in CA 4? Did you sneak in in the middle of the night or did they give you a pass when they got a load of Eileen? I’ve got to check our September/October CA itinerary with Cathy to see if our Farewell West Coast tour includes this Rebooblican stronghold. Maybe we can get together.

  2. petercavanaugh Says:

    Wow, Charlie! That would be terrific. You MUST see Yosemite. I have a pass!

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