“Water Whirl”

Better Gasp

It was my first official Tea Party.

Personally invited by my friend, Central Valley Tea Party Coordinator, John Pero, and further enticed by a front page story in this very paper headlined, “Speaker to Address Water Crisis”, I was present and accounted for at last Tuesday’s monthly meeting of our local group at the Best Western Yosemite Restaurant.

Although known and recognized as a writer of the Star’s “Commie Column” (my phrase – not theirs) (I think) – I was greeted with extraordinary courtesy by all and made to feel right at home. I hope to attend more of these get-togethers in the future and trust John and associates will be present at upcoming Oakhurst Democratic Club functions as they have in the past. Cross-pollination is a very good thing.

The evening’s main attraction was Debbie Bacigalupi, a reasonably credentialed former Congressional candidate from Siskiyou County, that political entity whose supervisors have already opted to leave California and become part of “The State of Jefferson” at some fanaticized point in time.

Ms. (or “Miss” should that be her preference) Bacigalupi put on a fine, highly spirited, emotionally charged show from start to finish, the conclusion of which included the usual de rigueur comparison of Barack Obama with Adolph Hitler – such evaluation scoring not much difference between those two at all, save complexion.

It was a remarkable, whirling spin — all sound and fury — signifying nothing other than a bit of selective sharing — given the fact that the bulk of Debbie’s presentation was a tiresome, tedious Power Point presentation on “Agenda 21”. This was the fifth time I’ve endured the pitch, having pulled four other iterations off the Internet for review these last few years.

Although being quite active in Progressive Politics through time (I put Michael Moore on the radio back in the late ‘70’s), I honestly can’t recall hearing of “Agenda 21” until I learned about it from the Tea Party.

For the fortunately uninitiated, “Agenda 21” is a non-binding, voluntarily implemented action plan of the United Nations with regard to sustainable development — a product of the UN Conference on Environment and Development held in Rio de Janeiro back in ’92. Just being nice, the United States signed on, even though it’s not even an actual treaty. Then most players pretty much forgot about the whole deal except a handful of folks with wild imaginations and well-funded friends. Sometimes that’s all it takes.

Consequently, “Agenda 21” in certain circles has come to mean a concerted effort by (?????????) (Undefined?) (The Tri-Lateral Commission?) (Obama?) (The Easter Bunny?) that will result in the abolition of private property, loss of national sovereignty, an 80% reduction in global population, the disarming of all citizens, U.N. control of the military and the replacement of religious values with primitive nature worship. And that’s just where the bad stuff starts.

Debbie did add something new with tears in her eyes, accompanied by somber, dirge-like music and a screen filled with dozens upon dozens of remarkably piled sheep carcasses – presented as proof that a presumably Agenda 21-inspired introduction of Grey Wolves into the Idaho wilderness had brought about such horrible slaughter. A subsequent check of “Wildlife News” following the meeting revealed “the sheep apparently were stampeded off a rocky slope by two remnant members of a local wolf pack, most of which had already been killed off by the Federal Government’s Wildlife Services. While uncommon, this sort of thing has happened before.”

Sierra Star readers might hearken back to August of 2009 when a similar phenomenon dumped 35 dead cows into the Fresno River near Coarsegold “having been chased through a barbed wire fence and off a 50 foot cliff by either coyotes or a pack of dogs.”

This single illustration of inappropriate interpretation pretty much sums up my disappointment with the content of the evening’s proceedings. Ms. (Miss) Bacigalupi kept adding two and two and coming up with – twenty-two. Connecting divergent dots can be dangerous.

It wasn’t until the last few minutes of the program that we finally got down to the subject that drew me there in the first place — WATER.

We were shown a brief, well-produced video clip of a documentary with which Debbie is involved as “co-director” – entitled – “No Water. No Farmer. No Food.”

No kidding.

That’s why I posed this exact question to John and Debbie and a few others following the event verbally and in writing:

“What percentage of the current drought crisis is man made (by governmental regulations) vs. our Good Lord cutting way back on the faucet these last three years as a natural, albeit undesirable phenomenon? Saying it another way, how much water would we find available right now if ALL regulations were lifted, even on an interim basis?”

So far, a definitive response has proven extraordinarily elusive.

Did you know that when a Delta Smelt gasps for air, its socialistic lips form the “O” in “Obama.”

I just made that up.

But – let’s see if it spreads

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