“Beatles! — Fifty Years Ago!”

This Saturday, September 6th, 2014 marks the Fiftieth Anniversary of The Beatles playing Olympia Stadium in Detroit.

PC--Beatles Ticket

This historic occasion afforded WTAC with an opportunity to “crash” a Beatles Press Conference backstage following the afternoon performance and conduct an exclusive interview with all four Beatles.

beatles copy

The event was described by Peter Cavanaugh in his book, “Local DJ.”

Thanks to Jim Baade of Townsquare Media in Flint, the following wild audio discovery has just emerged from the archives of WKNR in Detroit in time for our celebration!

After our WTAC interview, a number of other media folks from Detroit were allowed to join us, primarily consisting of newspaper and TV reporters and a gentleman from WKNR who also talked his way in, “Keener” being Detroit’s #1 Top Forty Station at the time.

In this 16:59 MP3, You will hear Peter Cavanaugh questioning the Beatles at 7:21 about what British bands they liked besides themselves and at 10:05 asking for a comparison between American and British radio at the time. At 9:29, that’s WTAC Program Director Bob Dell with a sports question.

Buddy Holly was right.


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