“Benghazi Thursday”


It’s time to put up or shut up.

Today is October 22, 2015  — a date forever to be enshrined in American political history as “Benghazi Thursday” – when the United States House Select Committee on Benghazi finally brought forth indisputable evidence of Hillary Clinton’s cold blooded complicity in the unforgivable murder of four innocent American lives – or to have the Committee finally, fatally, farcically collapse under the unyielding weight of irrefutable, irrepressible testimony to the contrary.

$4.5 million dollars of taxpayer money has been spent so far and seven separate congressional committees have exhaustively reviewed the tragic circumstances surrounding the deaths of Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens and three others in the 2012 attack on our government outposts in Benghazi, Libya. There has been nothing discovered remotely verifying wild claims of sinister malfeasance by Hillary Clinton spinning forth from right-wing media machines ever since news broke of the incident – only wild fabrications, unsubstantiated innuendo and outright lies.

Today Hillary Clinton is scheduled to testify before the Committee under oath and for the record on live global television. They can ask her anything they want. I’m betting they’ll be getting much, much more than they bargained for.

Hillary has not been my first choice as a presidential candidate, but if anything is powerfully pushing me in her direction — it’s the deplorable content of venomous anti-Clinton hate speech poisoning our airwaves in recent days.

And she was great in the first debate. Bernie was better. And if Bernie Sanders is a “Socialist/Communist”, Donald Trump is a “Capitalist/Cattle Rustler.” Both of these characterizations are untrue, but the former allegation was seriously offered by Mr. Trump last Wednesday at a campaign rally in Virginia, while the latter is herein presented as a similarly caustic, invented, hyperbolic aside.

Continuing my brief review of the first Democratic Presidential Debate on CNN, I felt that Anderson Cooper was marvelous as moderator, while O’Mally was mediocre, Webb made me wince and Chaffee choked.

Comparison between Republican and Democratic debate content so far offers easily discernable differences separating the principles and positions of both parties with remarkably evident contrast. There is no doubt such variances will continue up to and through next year’s election cycle – to the benefit of those sincerely interested in finding and supporting important new directions and advancing ourselves forward – or continuing our backslide to ever more reduced status here at home and in the eyes of the world.

If I were a Republican, I wouldn’t know what to do. I don’t envy the immediate G.O.P. dilemma – metaphorically choosing between the devil and the deep blue sea – that is – making a selection between essentially undesirable outcomes. For possible bar bets (an occasional friendly feature of this column at no extra charge) – please note that extensive research (several seconds) reveals the original meaning of the phrase may be a nautical reference citing the deep ocean and a “devil” – this being “a piece of wood or joint important for navigation that is difficult to reach on a ship.” I didn’t make that up.

Donald Trump remains a frump and Dr. Ben Carson is getting just plain spooky in plenty of time for Halloween. That soft, smooth, soothing tone belies a truly frightening take on almost everything he suggests  — decidedly more smarmy than smart. Kindly condescension drips from his lips in unctuous flow. He’s no Ben Casey.

Speaking of whom, for those who remember Vince Edwards starring as Doctor Ben Casey in the early ‘60’s ABC hit TV series, what’s this we hear about Medicare “B” costs going up as much as 50% in 2016 for some of us, even while there’s no increase coming our way in Social Security payments next year?

Feel “The Bern?”

2 Responses to ““Benghazi Thursday””

  1. Charles Walker Says:

    The thought of having to look at those cold, dead eyes for 4 years is almost more than I can bear to contemplate. I don’t have an “Anyone But Hillary” bumper sticker on my car since the GOP Goof Troop is like a bad 3rd rate vaudeville show. I certain Feel the Bern out of pure desperation, but frankly, since Jon Huntsman was smart enough to get out of presidential politics, Jim Webb is the only candidate I could actively support.

  2. Bill Hennes Says:

    Repubs vs the Dems…..4.5 million spent…ON NOTHING. These Republican politicians do not even know how to play the game.
    Very poor waste of money honey!!! They have made Hilarey look Presidential. I love the committee chairmans accent…HEEEELLLLOOO!

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