WTAC 1978

WTAC Plate

In early 1978, an eleven minute audio presentation was produced for use by McGavren-Guild Radio, then the industry’s top representative firm.

McGavren-Guild sold WTAC advertising for major national clients.  “Big 600” was then the most dominant radio voice in Flint and the Tri-Cities with a weekly cumulative audience of over 100,000 listeners and a broadcast signal carrying as far north up I-75 as the Mackinac Bridge.

Echoing words from WTAC’s formative times — “Return with us now to the thrilling days of yesteryear” —-

3 Responses to “WTAC 1978”

  1. tom lawcock Says:

    Oooohhhhh!!! Love it!! But what about the “untold” stories??? Lol

    • petercavanaugh Says:

      All of the “untold” will be revealed shortly in “Captain Zero: The Legend/The Loves/The Length” — coming soon. Well — at least — breathing heavily.

  2. boogie brian Says:

    True story…A Doctor once told me upon examining a chest x-ray of mine, “you have unusually big lungs”. To which I replied, “through the years, they have been working out”. Great hearing some of the stuff we were up to back in the day. Thanks for the trip back!

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