“Of Mice and Men”


 “What gets us into trouble is not what we don’t know. It’s what we know for sure that just ain’t so.” — Mark Twain (1893)

Most of my rowdy friends at local watering holes catering to the common man still call Hillary Clinton a liar. When pressed for specifics, they cry, “Benghazi!” After I amiably observe that I watched all 11 ½ hours of Hillary’s testimony under oath before the Republican led House Select Committee last October and they never caught her in a lie, my drinking buddies jump to “Emails!” as evidence of Secretary Clinton’s proven untrustworthiness. That’s when I quote those fundamentally undeniable, FBI certified, painstakingly established official numbers.

Of the more than 30,000 emails reviewed during more than a full year of investigation, only 110 were finally judged as containing classified material, although not one was ever labeled as such. There were 3 with tiny “markings” which might indicate confidentiality to the sophisticated reader, but it turns out even these were incorrectly placed.

Then I cordially mention in my loud radio voice from the end of the bar it has been established by FBI Director James Comey that Hillary never lied to the Bureau when interviewed for 3 ½ hours and Director James Comey also specifically stated: “We did not find evidence sufficient to establish that she knew she was sending classified information.”

 In conclusion I point out to my collective companions this means any charges Mrs. Clinton was not telling the truth when she said she wasn’t lying – are lies. By then they are sick and tired of hearing me talk.

I suggest a beer and a shot will shut me up. This works like a charm. I return the favor — then off we go – launching into more important matters such as following football, trimming trucks and gunning for gophers.

Hillary Clinton still has plenty of time left before the election for image improvement. An immediate challenge is dispelling those curious words “extremely careless” with which she was labeled by Director Comey just before he got around to finally saying in summary that she wouldn’t be charged with anything after all. This has provided Donald “Nothing But The Truth” Trump and his new running mate, Mike “The Poodle” Pence with valuable campaign ammo.

Having poured over everything Director Comey said in his surprise initial announcement on July 5th and subsequently repeated at length for almost five hours of sworn testimony two days later in another hastily conveyed “Let’s Hang Hillary” hearing, I can find nothing in Comey’s words to understand such a judgment except – Comey himself.

James Comey is the straightest man I’ve ever seen on national TV – the ultimate Boy Scout — as tight as a mouse’s rear stretched over a barrel. He is extraordinarily conscientious, perhaps even perilously proper to extremes. When he scratches an itch, he thinks it’s sex.

Director Comey allows that the “extreme” carelessness he observed during his investigation was not limited to the State Department under Hillary Clinton, but endemic to the institution long before she arrived. This now seems all but forgotten by pundits in the press

Knowing full well that his decision would be greeted with ridicule and derision by about to be former Republican friends, I suspect the Director wistfully hoped placing a pejorative adjective such as “extremely” before the word “careless” might offer a slight measure of embarrassingly apologetic consolation for his inevitable determination. And it has.

Trumpublicans have jumped on “extremely careless” with pit bull tenacity, growling and scowling with typically feigned ferocity. They are ignoring in the process a majority observation by clear national consensus that their new leader is emotionally immature –demonstrably unstable – and clinically nuts.

This week’s events have born that out.

The Democratic Party convenes next Monday in Philadelphia.

Kindly compare.






5 Responses to ““Of Mice and Men””

  1. digitaloak Says:

    Peter, on June 6th, Clinton, the Democratic party, and the Associated Press announced that Hillary was the presumptive nominee.

    That was a lie. I was stunned. Like you, I’d rejected the accusations that Clinton lies.

    I immediately wrote a rebuttal early Monday morning to the AP article. And I sat stunned when I watched the evening news and watched the lie promulgated by all the media, and Tuesday, as I watched the turnout in California: abysmally low, just as she intended.

    I am still reeling from the shock of watching that corruption of the democratic process. Clinton lied, big time, that day. She was NOT the presumptive candidate, Sanders had a 1% lead in California: had he won, Clinton WOULD NOT HAVE BEEN the presumptive nominee.

    That’s all that matters. He may have narrowly lost. That could or could not have had the same effect. But probabilities don’t matter. She rigged his double digit loss! And that was a huge lie, probably not her first…

    Trump will destroy this country, maybe even the whole world. I had no idea there was so much hatred that could coalesce behind such a man. But maybe we’ve reached the point where we have to destroy the existing egoic structures before they can be replaced intelligently. He seems to represent much of the egoic world…

    I’m not just a former Sanders supporter. I will not elect corrupt officials.


  2. petercavanaugh Says:

    Hi, Daru!

    I believe the problem here is the subjective nature of the word “presumptive — a quality rendered by fancy rather than fact. The word is simply not definitive — It’s a guess much more than guarantee. I don’t believe anyone lied expressing this opinion. At worst I would say it might be an unreasonably optimistic assumption.

    • digitaloak Says:

      An optimistic assumption (that ignored the facts) crafted by Hillary, the Democratic establishment, and the Associated Press for a specific purpose: to steal the last chance Sanders had. It was very effective. It changed the election results in California. If it wasn’t an outright political lie, it certainly had the same intended effect. Pretty hard to defend such behavior, isn’t it?

      I’ve never seen such a blatant lie, ever. I’m shocked, stunned, by my party’s rigging the election. I can’t believe I saw that! I thought Democrats supported increasing the voter turnout. That “optimistic assumption” didn’t.

      Hillary claims her nomination is a victory for women. It was a victory for the Clintons, and we lost big time. I, and many others, were awakened to the level of corruption embedded in our system by her announcement on June 6th.

      I am a hard core progressive, but the Democratic party no longer represents me. Hillary lied on June 6th. She pulled the lid off the cess pool. We all saw it. Either of them is electable only in an insane world.

      Sanders would have been a clear choice between good and evil…


  3. petercavanaugh Says:

    Hi, Daru! At the risk of redundancy, let alone repeating myself, I fail to see what the “lie” was in using the word “presumptive.” That means “expected.” After June 6th, Hillary WAS the expected nominee. Saddened though I was, even I expected she would be the nominee from that point forward. California wouldn’t have made a goddamned bit of difference. I’ve been watching this election cycle from the get go. I really wanted Bernie to win. He almost pulled it off and still won big, as far as I’m concerned, when he pulled (and continues to pull) Clinton and the whole party to the left. Petulant withdrawal from participation is a vote for Trump. We need you on board.

    • digitaloak Says:

      Peter, that statement was released on June 6th to insure Sanders wouldn’t win, or even look like a possible winner. Several million people in California interpreted it as, “She’s already won, why vote?”

      Hillary knew they’d interpret it that way. One does not become the Presumptive candidate until that person has an unbeatable number of delegates. She had not done that. Not a lie? It certainly wasn’t the truth… So, just a little wink-wink? That changes the outcome? Maybe the whole world? That’s okay?

      Not voting for Hillary is not petulance. I simply will not vote for the lesser of two evils… I never thought of her in that light until I saw it and heard it and watched it unfold for a week. If all we can come up with as a nation is a man who best represents the insanity of narcissism, and a woman who will compromise her integrity to win… we deserve what we get.

      I suspect we’ll get Trump. Bernie was Trumps opposite. Hillary is not. A lot of confused, undecided voters will choose the wild card, hoping for change. Hate is strong, and mocks the song…

      I both dread the disaster of Trump, and hope it will awaken millions of people to the need for a government of the people, not the wealthy, not the manipulators… Maybe we’ll finally accomplish liberty and justice for all. Suffering awakens people…


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