“Twitterdee Dumb”


Our Clown Prince waits not for his formal coronation.

January 20, 2017 —- a date which will live in infamy.

Anyone who believes the pending inauguration of Donald J. Trump represents anything less than an immediate threat to democracy and a direct attack against core principles of this Republic had best get their heads out of their assets and start paying serious attention to certain alarming realities.

In his loving embrace of Russia’s Vladimir “Smarty Pants” Putin, his audacious support of Israel’s Benjamin “Bribery Boy” Netanyahu and his accommodating acceptance of Taiwan’s Tsai “Just Saying Hi!” Ing-wen’s phone call threatening to unravel decades of established bipartisan American policy toward China, “Twitterdee” Trump has become truly unruly. So much for rising to the occasion as he sinks ever lower beneath contempt. This man is a menace.

I regard the President-elect’s conduct over the past two weeks as treacherous — if not treasonous. “One president at a time” is not just a silly slogan – it is a Constitutional command. Look it up.

Over the Holidays, I was standing in front of Von’s casually minding everyone else’s business when a well-comported, fashionable attired, middle-aged gentleman was introduced to me as a “Good Republican.” I greeted him warmly, saying, “These days we need all the good Republicans we can get!” My reliably rebellious reputation evidently preceding me, his response exploded with a notable measure of challenge. “I voted for Trump! You people had the last eight years! Now it’s our turn!” And so it was — in mere seconds – I heard the most ignorant utterance since moving to Oakhurst a full decade ago. Here’s why.

My virulent opposition to Trump has absolutely nothing to do with party ideology and everything to do with plain common sense.

In my lifetime I have voted for many Democrats, but I also voted once for Nixon, twice for Reagan, once for George The Father and even once (the first time he ran) for George the Son. This last example was because I despised Tipper Gore for helping to create the Parents Music Resource Center in 1985 and threatening the radio industry with censorship, so I took it all out on Al. I know. Pretty shallow motivation. I suppose I was a “single issue voter” at the time, so I understand how that works.

Donald Trump is not a conservative, nor a liberal. He is not right, center or left. He is a pompous, vulgar, sociopathic dimwit whose success in life is totally attributable to being born to wealthy parents and being blessed with outrageous good fortune, avoiding cataclysmic collapse only by hubristic hook and cunning, conniving crook.

Trump has no moral compass, determining direction by wayward whim in random fits of fleeting focus. He displays the attention span of a comatose gnat. His scurrilous skin is thinner than the atmosphere of Mercury. Astrophysicists will observe that Mercury has no true atmosphere – being far too close to the Sun — just as Donald basks in the golden glow of flaming self-reflection – a New Age Icarus fatefully launched into ultimately terminal orbit.

Crisis is about to become commonplace with daily disappointments.

Cries of “Repeal and Replace ObamaCare” have already changed to “Immediately Repeal and We’ll Figure Something Out By 2018” – more currently morphing into “Well — Let’s Wait Until After The Next Presidential Election in 2020.” That’s correct. I even saw that on FOX.

Mexico will not be paying for that giant border wall because one won’t be built.

There will be no trillion dollar federal investment in new infrastructure, although such is desperately needed.

Blue-collar workers will soon discover – as The WHO once warned –they did get fooled again.

Heavy governmental subsidy for advanced technical education – the primary element required for upward mobility in the 21st Century — won’t be sufficiently available. The rich need to get richer – and they will.

They always do.

“While the poor people sleepin’ with the shade on the light – while the poor people sleepin’ – all the stars come out at night.”

 Steely Dan – “Show Biz Kids” (1973)












8 Responses to ““Twitterdee Dumb””

  1. deanofdance Says:

    Amazing blog, Peter. I always split my ticket until this last election. I’ve had enough. The older I get the more liberal I become. I have become more cynical, something I once thought was a bad thing. I started out leaning right and now I’m not quite ready to fall to the left but I can’t agree with the neo-cons about much. I’d consider a real conservative, though, but the Republicans never would.

  2. Jim Baade Says:

    An exceptionally crafted piece of work!

  3. petercavanaugh Says:

    Hang in there, Dean. We’re not done yet. And — Happy New Year!

  4. John O'Connell Says:

    Tell us how you really feel, Pete. Seriously, a great blog

  5. petercavanaugh Says:

    Thanks, John! And — Happy 2017!

  6. Bob Green Says:

    Right on target Peter. But even as it becomes more apparent, the Trump supporters will continue to vote against their own best interests and choose to wear blinders.

  7. petercavanaugh Says:

    I know, Bob. It’s remarkable. But one thing we can count on is for Trump’s “eccentricities” to become significantly magnified as he actually assumes office. Once an effective number of Republican opportunists realize they risk their own political futures supporting a dangerous lunatic, they will turn on him in a heartbeat. Impeachment and conviction might quickly follow. Ultimate losers find few friends.

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