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“More from Moore”

September 18, 2014


It was a great morning.

Denny’s was wall to wall with more views presented than a Yosemite bus tour for the September monthly meeting of the Oakhurst Democratic Club when Art Moore came to town.

Art is hoping to replace Tom McClintock as our Fourth District Congressional Representative and none too soon.

So there we had Republican candidate Moore facing not only a wild, generally progressive band of vocal Democrats, but also an energized, extra conservative group from the Central Valley Tea Party led by my friend, John Pero, upon whom Art called for the first question when Q & A time arrived. There were a number of folks somewhere in between, but everyone got to chime in while Major Moore was present and following his departure, when we spent some time discussing the six statewide propositions we’ll be voting on November 4th. Know what these are? That’s why we have our meetings.

Art was well received and quite candid about his commitment to individual liberty, limited government and personal responsibility. He also spoke extensively about enforcing our immigration laws and better managing our borders. Moore, a combat-hardened veteran and Bronze Star recipient, discussed the necessity of handling ISIS and other threats to our collective security with conviction and determination, but spent much of his time stressing the imperative need to join together politically regardless of party affiliation in addressing critical needs above and beyond national defense, such as not taking Yosemite National Park hostage in an effort to punish oppositional perspectives.

So Art has pledged to try working with Democrats. Shocking. This particular commitment would seem to be the source of enormous concern on the part of Mr. McClintock’s reelection team.

Matt Reed, President of Sacramento State College Republicans, works for the campaign and has successfully attempted to infiltrate and video record Moore’s appearances before “suspect organizations” such as Democrats, provoking unpleasant confrontations in the process.

On August 7th, Reed set up a tripod and video camera toward this end at an Amador Progressive Women’s Lunch, occupying space at the front table for this purpose without permission. On August 21st, Mr. Reed snuck in a back door and assembled his gear without consent for a gathering of Sun City Lincoln Hills Democrats, instigating a subsequent parking lot confrontation in the process. Wisely, he avoided Oakhurst.

Amador County is looking like a tough place for Dems. In January, The Amador Democratic Club had to change locations for a showing of Robert Reich’s excellent film, “Inequality for All,” when their office were broken into and most of the club’s electronic equipment was stolen.


In February, Mr. Reed spoke at this year’s Amador County Republican Club Lincoln Dinner with Congressman McClintock.

But the Amador Progressive Women should be pleased to note that one issue
dramatically separating Moore from McClintock deals with their positions on the Violence Against Women Act. McClintock has passionately voted against the measure three separate times. Major Moore unequivocally states for the record, “This Act elevates the issue and provides resources to fight for victims. My opponent was wrong to oppose it and I would have voted differently.” Moore adds, “ Tom McClintock’s legacy in politics is not to fight for others, but only to feather his own nest while feeding at the public trough.”

This brings to mind an astounding announcement by Madera County Sheriff John Anderson at our September meeting. Sheriff Anderson, about to leave office after seventeen years of outstanding service to the community, publicly observed that his personal efforts to obtain assistance and/or intervention from Congressman McClintock in the ongoing disputes over Chukchansi tribal control have been in vain. Moreover, Sheriff Anderson reports that McClintock has never even displayed the professional courtesy of returning any of his calls. I suggest this revelation by one of our county’s most respected and trusted public servants says it all.

For this column, I need write no more.

“Beatles! — Fifty Years Ago!”

September 4, 2014

This Saturday, September 6th, 2014 marks the Fiftieth Anniversary of The Beatles playing Olympia Stadium in Detroit.

PC--Beatles Ticket

This historic occasion afforded WTAC with an opportunity to “crash” a Beatles Press Conference backstage following the afternoon performance and conduct an exclusive interview with all four Beatles.

beatles copy

The event was described by Peter Cavanaugh in his book, “Local DJ.”

Thanks to Jim Baade of Townsquare Media in Flint, the following wild audio discovery has just emerged from the archives of WKNR in Detroit in time for our celebration!

After our WTAC interview, a number of other media folks from Detroit were allowed to join us, primarily consisting of newspaper and TV reporters and a gentleman from WKNR who also talked his way in, “Keener” being Detroit’s #1 Top Forty Station at the time.

In this 16:59 MP3, You will hear Peter Cavanaugh questioning the Beatles at 7:21 about what British bands they liked besides themselves and at 10:05 asking for a comparison between American and British radio at the time. At 9:29, that’s WTAC Program Director Bob Dell with a sports question.

Buddy Holly was right.


“Forty-Five Years Gone”

August 17, 2014

“By the time we got to Woodstock

We were half a million strong

And everywhere there was song and celebration

And I dreamed I saw the bombers

Riding shotgun in the sky

And they were turning into butterflies

Above our nation.”

“Woodstock” – 1969 –Joni Mitchell

This month marks the 45th Anniversary of The Woodstock Music and Art Fair at Max Yasgur’s 600-acre farm in Bethel, New York from August 15th to 18th, 1969.

They were all there – 32 acts in all – including Janis Joplin/The Who/Sly and the Family Stone/Arlo Guthrie/Joan Baez/ Country Joe/ Santana/John Sebastian/Canned Heat/Mountain/The Grateful Dead/Creedence Clearwater/Jefferson Airplane/Joe Cocker/Country Joe/Ten Years After/The Band/Johnny Winter/Blood Sweat & Tears/Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, Sha Na Na and Jimi Hendrix — closing the show Monday morning over a field of emulsified mud with his now iconic version of the National Anthem.

On my office wall here in Oakhurst is an unused Woodstock ticket — #00279 – comfortably priced at a hardly outrageous eight dollars – good for “One Admission Only” all day and night Sunday, August 17th.

I didn’t make the event. We had our own vibrant Rock & Roll music scene exploding back in Michigan, where two months earlier I had produced the first of what was to become many outdoor concerts at a place just outside Flint named “Sherwood Forest”, a several hundred acre complex owned by another farmer – this one named Don Sherwood. We called these gatherings “Wild Wednesdays.” They ran through 1974 headlining such artists as Bob Seger, Alice Cooper, Ted Nugent, REO Speedwagon, Blue Oyster Cult, Chuck Berry, Montrose, MC5, Joe Walsh, Badfinger, Spooky Tooth, Grand Funk Railroad, Bloodrock, Iggy & The Stooges, Question Mark and The Mysterians, Stevie Wonder, Parliament and Funkedelic, The Ides of March and Mitch Ryder. will tell you more than you would ever want to know.

It was particularly fitting that CNN’s outstanding series on “The Sixties” last week headlined, “Sex, Drugs & Rock & Roll” in offering extensive coverage of the “Woodstock” phenomenon – properly acknowledging its triumphantly unique and lasting impact on worldwide culture — then so sadly concluding with innocence lost barely four months later in the knifings and deaths at Altamont Speedway.

I watched the program with an unanticipated rush of unsettled emotion — so many milestone recollections unavoidably enshrouded with wistful recognition and resigned acknowledgement that all things inevitably pass away – the good with the bad and all in between.

And how can those young rock stars today look so – so – so — not young? I can’t bring myself to write the “O’ word. It’s like looking in the mirror.

It had all seemed so natural – so spontaneous – so authentically automatic.

Maybe it’s me, but this particular summer of 2014 sure doesn’t seem to have as many of those “Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Days” Nat “King” Cole sang so joyfully about back in ’63 when I graduated from college. “Soda and pretzels and beer?” Nah. We face paralyzing political polarity, escalating climatological catastrophe, the savage evolution of ISIS and crisis upon crisis. Now Robin Williams is gone.

Institutional memory in and out of government has been lobotomized and obliterated by greedy gamblers occupying the highest echelons of global finance – rigging the system — manipulating the masses — buying politicians seemingly cheaper by the dozen.

There are rare exceptions.

I ask that you pay attention to Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts. If Hillary falters, Senator Warren could be our first lady President.

Maybe just in time.

For Woodstock and “The Sixties” still call those with hopeful hearts.

“We are stardust
We are golden
And we’ve got to get ourselves
Back to the garden.”

“Lynching a Law”

October 4, 2013


“We’re not going to be disrespected. We have to get something out of this. And I don’t know what that even is.” — Tea Party Congressman Marlin Stutzman (R-Indiana) offering characteristically definitive insight explaining his vote last week to shut down the government.

“You should be ashamed of yourself!” — Tea Party Congressman Randy Neugebauer (R-Texas) addressing a young female Park Ranger forced to turn back visitors at Washington’s World War Two Memorial — something for which Neaugebauer had voted and was responsible.

“He has no place in any station of government and we need to realize that he is an enemy of humanity” – Tea Party Congressman Trent Franks (R-Arizona), speaking of our President.

The inmates are not only running the asylum, they’re forcefully ruining it.

Any assessment by political poseurs that the shutdown was a consequence of failing to negotiate and compromise completely ignores the stark reality that a handful of bitter, spiteful Obama-haters have successfully leveraged themselves into a command position by fanciful fabrication, skillful manipulation and raw intimidation.

President Obama defined everything succinctly in addressing a Maryland construction company gathering Thursday morning when he called for a simple up or down vote in the House on an already approved Senate Bill that would end the impasse. The President said House Speaker John Boehner could reopen the government and send 800,000 people back to work “in just five minutes”, rightfully declaring that Boehner “doesn’t want to anger the extremists in his party.”

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid went even further condemning Boehner’s refusal to yield to reason, openly calling him “a coward.” Reid also insisted that Boehner was reneging on a prior promise to facilitate a continuing resolution to fund the government without partisan strings attached.

But the Tea Party isn’t interested in simple strings. They want a hangman’s noose around ObamaCare — for some second best to one around the man himself.

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act was approved by both houses of Congress and signed into law on March 23, 2010. That was three and a half years ago.

Since that time, the essential features were reviewed and upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court on June 28, 2012.

Running against an opponent who dramatically promised to “end ObamaCare”, the President easily won re-election on November 6, 2012 by trouncing Mitt Romney in the Electoral College 332 to 206 — defeating the former Governor of Massachusetts by more than 5 million votes.

The American people have surely spoken.

But the House of Representatives refused to listen, even though there were almost two million more votes for Democratic House candidates than Republicans nationwide in 2012, but GOP redistricting through state gerrymandering resulted in a Republican House Majority of 234 to 201 in the 113th Congress and has led us to where we are.

And where will you be this weekend?

Mountain Democrats hope you’ll be spending some time at the 2013 Oakhurst Fall Festival on Saturday and Sunday in the Community Park from 10 AM to 4 PM. Stop by our booth to say, “Hi!” and ask any questions you might have about “ObamaCare.” We’ll have answers available and/or information directing you to reliable sources. We happen to believe The Affordable Care Act is an excellent start on providing what every other country in the entire developed world has enjoyed except us — until now.

It’s good for you and long overdue.

Like fine wine & tasty chocolates!

PC:? Ad


September 26, 2013

“Sexist and Infuriating”

Letters to the Editor for 9/19/13 edition of the Sierra Star

Dear Editor,

Mr. Cavanaugh’s column in the Sep. 3, Sierra Star, “Astute politician,” managed to greatly offend members of the Oakhurst Area Chamber of Commerce’s Women in Business. Women in Business is a group of area businesswomen, meeting once a month to network, learn, support and mentor in the business community. We are a diverse group of women. Although we are not a political group, the women encompass a broad spectrum of interests, passions and political opinions.

Women in Business did not, as Mr. Cavanaugh states, “co-sponsor” the recent Economic Development Committee luncheon at which Congressman McClintock was the speaker. He was invited to speak by the chamber on issues relevant to the local economy. We merely held our monthly luncheon at the event. We felt it was a good opportunity to communicate with other business people and to hear the Congressman’s remarks.

As informed citizens should do, we listened and learned in a respectful manner. Our presence at this luncheon certainly did not indicate our support of any or all of the Congressman’s positions. That was not the intent of the luncheon in the first place.

Did Mr. Cavanaugh’s presence indicate he was in agreement with the speaker? That seems to be your logic, Mr. Cavanaugh.

Why Women in Business was singled out (both Rotary clubs were also in attendance) is beyond us. Your assertion that we would place “politics above gender” is sexist, infuriating and unsubstantiated by any facts. Your remarks were misguided and undeserved. We believe a public apology is in order.

Karen V. White, Amy Hogan, co-chairs, Women in Business

Published in expurgated form in the Sierra Star 9/26/13

“Bedtime Manners”

I am happy to respond to Ms. White’s and Ms. Hogan’s request for substantiation of my assertion in the 9/3/13 Sierra Star that characterized sponsorship by “Women in Business” of Congressman McClintock’s recent Oakhurst appearance at the Country Club as having placed “politics above gender.”

As the father of four women and grandfather of four more, I feel it important to herein include without edit the rest of that observation as stated in my column: “–placing politics above gender in their support of McClintock, who refused to vote for the “Equal Pay for Women Act” and the “Violence Against Women Act”, while being completely supportive of the anti-gay “Defense of Marriage Act.”

As far as Ms. White’s and Ms. Hogan’s obvious attempt at now scurrying away to distance themselves from McClintock’s politics — for which he is not asked to apologize — and their expressed chagrin as to why “Women in Business” were “singled out”, I would wish to place into evidence a full-color flyer urging attendance issued by the Oakhurst Chamber of Commerce on August 21st with only “Women in Business” listed in large, bannered, headlined font and no other organization similarly featured or even mentioned.

WIB Final

Referencing the verb “co-sponsored”, I offer the following definition of “sponsor” from the Cambridge American-English Dictionary: “Sponsor – To support a person, organization, or activity by giving money, encouragement, or other help.”

And at the risk of again being labeled “sexist”, I can only suggest Ms. White and Ms. Hogan exercise a bit more caution the next time they jump in bed with an activity — political or otherwise.

Peter Cavanaugh

Lenny and “The Lottery”

July 5, 2013


It has been judged a “chilling tale of conformity gone mad.”

“The Lottery” was first published by The New Yorker magazine in June of 1948 and is today regarded as one of the most famous short stories in the history of American literature — dazzlingly brilliant in its relentless darkness.

In an annual rite of spring, a rural community chooses — by random drawing — a sacrificial victim, who is then stoned to death by one and all to insure a bountiful harvest.

Written by Shirley Jackson, “The Lottery” is a study in collective mentality, an evolutionary adaptation that provides a mechanism for common consensus, but also offers an ever present possibility of group sanctioned, morally reprehensible behavior.

An extreme example in modern times is easily witnessed by brief reflection at the ultimate horrors unleashed under Hitler’s Third Reich.

Discernable resonance might be cited in mindless generational adherence to traditionally cherished, but demonstrably antiquated notions such as belief in an utterly flat world from which we might sail straight off the edge without due caution. It’s been far less than a thousand years since our relatively ancient species set that matter straight.

An even milder, but similarly concerning development in recent days has been the stunning cultural castigation of Paula Deen, a stoning I feel is both unwarranted and unfair.

66 year-old Paula Deen is an American celebrity chef and Emmy Award winning television personality with whom I had been completely unfamiliar until she admitted using the “N-Word” during questioning in a legal deposition and now the you-know-what has hit the you-know-where. Mind you, Ms. Deen didn’t use the “N-Word” on her TV show or in her cookbooks or yell it at someone in public, especially at an “N”. She merely admitted that she had allowed that word to pass her lips at some point in life. Her exact testimony under oath was, “Yes, of course. But that’s just not a word that we use. I don’t — I don’t know. As time has gone on things have changed since the 60’s in the south.”

Since this display of sincere candor exploded on the front page of the National Enquirer last month, Paula Deen has been brutally ostracized by the American press — her integrity bashed, her endorsements crashed, her reputation thoroughly trashed.

She has been effectively fired by The Food Network, Walmart, Target, QVC, Home Depot, J.C.Penney, Sears, K-Mart and Ballantine Books in an outrageous example of wimpy, smarmy, patronizing, knee-jerk, lemming-like response to potential accusations of marginally offensive racial insensitivity or something vaguely akin.

What’s wrong with us?

I find myself in complete agreement with former President Jimmy Carter who courageously states, “I think Paula Deen has been punished, perhaps overly severely, for her honesty in admitting the use of the word in the distant past. She’s apologized profusely and should be forgiven.”

I’ll go one step further. I think we should all use the “N-Word” as often and as loud as we can till it’s all worn out and we can throw it away forever.

Here’s Dusty Hoffman quoting Lenny Bruce as directed by Bob Fosse back in ‘72:

“l’ll pass with seven niggers, six spics, five Micks, four kikes,
three guineas and one Wop. You almost punched me out, didn’t ya?”

“l was trying to make a point — that it’s the suppression of the word that gives it the power, the violence, the viciousness.”

“lf President Kennedy would just go on television and say
“l’d like to introduce you to all the niggers in my cabinet.”
And if he’d just say ”nigger, nigger” to every nigger he saw,
Boogie, boogie, boogie, nigger, nigger, nigger, nigger,”
till it didn’t mean anything any more —

Then you’d never be able to make a black kid cry because somebody called him a nigger in school.”

Repeated for emphasis — “It’s the suppression of the word that gives it the power, the violence, the viciousness.”

    Lenny Bruce was a high wire act. A gentle genius.

    When Michael Richards of “Seinfeld” fame tried to use Bruce’s classic monologue on the ” N-Word” in 2010, he failed miserably. It’s one of those stream-of-consciousness ramblings one has to repeat perfectly, word for word, beat for beat, or not try at all. Richards is not a real racist – just a poor performer. He tried some Lenny lines, blew his balance and killed his career in less than two minutes time.

    “Sticks and stones may break your bones, but words can never hurt you” (Traditional Children’s Chant) (Timeless)

    One more thing about Lenny Bruce:

    “Dirty Lenny died so we could all be free”

    Steve Earle — FCC Song (2005)

    Niggerly yours,

    Peter “The Mick” Cavanaugh

“Delta Yawn”

June 25, 2013


On Saturday, May 25th, I encountered an extraordinary turn of events at Yosemite International Airport in Fresno when attempting to initiate a flight to Cincinnati via Delta Airlines. Now, a full month having past as of today, the 25th of June, I have decided to share my correspondence with the corporation.

So far, the only respondent seems to be a computer named Michelle.

Peter Cavanaugh

May 30, 2013

By Mail

Richard H. Anderson
Chief Executive Officer
Delta Airlines
1030 Delta Boulevard
P.O. Box 20706
Atlanta, Georgia 30320-6001

Dear Mister Anderson,

With appropriate apology for the tardiness of this correspondence due to a heavy schedule these last few days, I feel it important to bring to your direct attention an absolute horror encountered last Saturday, May 25, when attempting to fly from Yosemite International Airport via Delta.

Booked on a 6:25 AM Delta flight (Delta # 4624) to Salt Lake City with a connecting link to Cincinnati, it was 5:05 AM when my wife and I arrived at the terminal. At 5:35 AM, after having had our luggage checked and tagged at the Delta counter, we proceeded to a long TSA security line

When we finally reached our designated gate at 6:10 AM, we were puzzled to discover no one on duty at the Delta stand and shared our concern with several other passengers similarly chagrined. Adding to an ever increasing level of discomfort was watching our luggage through the terminal window being casually loaded on what had to be “our plane” outside.

Then was 6:15 AM with no one available with whom to address our mounting concerns.

At approximately 6:20, a gentleman who eventually identified himself as a Delta Supervisor named Ray Martinez appeared on the scene and declared we all had “missed the flight.”

Without elaborating on the ensuing drama, including Mr. Martinez’ threat to summon police when my own expressing of outrage reached admittedly heated proportions as we watched “our plane” still parked only feet away with pilots and crew completely ignoring frantic hand waves and other supplicant signals from thus abandoned would be passengers (ALL SIX OF US!) — suffice it to say that our degree of infuriation reached epic proportion when Mr. Martinez finally sheepishly admitted he had boarded a number of “standbys” and there we simply no seats for us on the Salt Lake City Flight.


Reflecting upon the fact that Martinez repeatedly and insolently lied to our faces about this last factor cannot help but give rise to a strong suspicion that he may well have been illicitly enriched by those he allowed to fly in our place.

Admitting to “Agent Error” after well over an hour of effort, all who would have been aboard having also missing connecting Eastbound links in Salt Lake City, my wife and I were finally rerouted to Cincinnati through LAX, adding four hours to an already long travel day. Several others were less fortunate, plans undone and a Holiday Weekend destroyed.

I obtained the names of two fellow victims who are herein copied and would be, I suggest, available for confirmation of all of the above and, as well, some appropriate compensatory gesture on the part of Delta for the severe inconvenience so miserably encountered.


Peter Cavanaugh

CC: Christian Ueland — General Manager — TranPak, Inc. — Fresno, CA
Mark J. Dumbeck — Director of Human Resources — Eagle Mountain Casino
Delta Airlines Complaint Link Link

June 14, 2013

Dear Mr. Cavanaugh,
RE: Case Number 9102172

Thank you for sharing your concerns with Mr. Richard Anderson, our Chief Executive Officer. He has asked that I respond on his behalf. We were truly sorry to learn that when you and your wife arrived at the gate, it had already been dispatched. I regret that after your arrival and baggage check, you encountered lines at the security check point and arrived late to the gate. We can certainly understand your disappointment with our check-in guidelines which requires passengers be at the departure gate at least 15 minutes prior to schedule departure time. At this time, all passengers are boarding and the flight dispatched. I realize it was upsetting to arrive at 6:10 and find the gate unattended and the door shut. Please allow me to clarify that it is the responsibility of each passenger to arrive at the airport with sufficient time to complete all ticketing, baggage check, security clearance procedures, and arrive at the gate ready to board within our guidelines. If a passenger has not met the guidelines, they risk having their reservation cancelled and may not be able to travel on their confirmed flight. Respectfully, this requirement applies to all customers checking in, with or without baggage. It is also important to mention that once all passengers who had arrived at the gate on time are boarded and the wait list has been cleared, the door of the aircraft may be closed. We would release seats of passengers not onboard at the 15 minute mark and clear standby passengers. This was correctly done. After the door is closed and as soon as the Captain has received his takeoff slot, the flight may depart the gate even if it is prior to scheduled departure time. Again, I apologize you were not accommodated on your flight due to the missed check in. In the event a flight has departed, our team members should assist passengers in rescheduling their travel on the next available flight. We apologize that you and your wife arrived later than expected. Also, I was dismayed to hear that our agent threatened to contact the authorities due to the heated and stressful situation. After reading your comments, I understand why you wanted to bring this matter to our attention. We expect our team to be helpful and professional at all times. Please know I will be sharing your comments with our Airport Customer Service leadership team for internal follow up. For future reference, I encourage you to visit our website at for the latest information regarding the check-in guidelines for both domestic and international travel. Mr. Cavanaugh, while we normally do not offer compensation when a passenger arrives late to the gate, we understand your concerns. Therefore, as a gesture of goodwill, I have issued you and your wife each a Delta Choice gift in the amount of $25.00. Your Delta Choice gifts will arrive under separate cover and will include the gift codes, customer IDs, and instructions on how to redeem the gifts. Again, we are very sorry for the flight disruption due to the security delay and the missed gate requirements. Your business is appreciated and we hope to have an opportunity to regain your confidence in our service.. Sincerely, Michele Schrader Coordinator, Corporate Customer Care Delta Air Lines

June 15, 2013

Dear Ms. Schrader,

I find myself singularly bedazzled by the hopelessly gratuitous, woefully inadequate response you have submitted on behalf of Mr. Anderson to the issues outlined in my May 30th complaint concerning Delta service in Fresno at Yosemite International Airport.

Your correspondence ignores any number of salient points brought to Mr. Anderson’s attention, including the demonstrable fact that others and I were at the appropriate gate “15 minutes before schedule departure time” with no agent in site or “stand by” passengers being processed.

The undisputed fact that no Pre-Boarding Announcements, Boarding Announcements or “Last Call” Announcements were given in relation to our flight also remains unaddressed.

The terminal public address system was fully functioning.

Unmentioned in the May 30th letter to Chairman Anderson was my willingness and that of others to allow a number of passengers seeking to make an earlier Delta flight to Phoenix ahead of me in the T.S.A. security line when their boarding time and “last call” were loudly announced.

I herein demand satisfactory compensatory rectification for the May 25th incident at Yosemite International Airport and your preposterous note of June 5th, which adds insolent insult to inofficious injury.


Peter Cavanaugh

cc: Richard Anderson
Mark J. Dumbeck
Christian Ueland
Ashley Swearengin
Edward H. Bastian
Roy J. Bostock

June 18, 2013

Dear Mr. Cavanaugh,

RE: Case Number 9102172

Thank you for writing and allowing me the opportunity to further review your concerns. I am sorry you were dissatisfied with our response. Again, we are very sorry for the missed flight from Fresno. I can certainly understand your frustration when you arrived at the gate and found the flight had been dispatched. After reading your correspondence again, I understand why you feel I did not adequately address your concerns. I apologize if I overlooked some of your comments based on the reservations data. While Flight 4624 operated by our Delta Connection partner, SkyWest, left the gate 1 minutes earlier than scheduled, there seems to be some confusion as to the time the door was closed. I understand from your messages that you arrived within the checkin requirements. Further, we apologize if announcements were not heard regarding the flight’s boarding at the terminal or security area. I can certainly understand your frustration when you let passengers ahead of you in line in security and only to arrive and find the agent had already left the gate. Mr. Cavanaugh, while we cannot erase your poor impression, as a additional gesture of concern for the late arrival to your destination, I have issued you and your wife each an Electronic Transportation Credit Voucher (eTCV) in the amount of $150.00. Please note the voucher numbers and associated Terms and Conditions will be arriving in a separate email within 24 hours. I encourage you to add Delta Air Lines to your receiver list so the voucher documents are not misdirected to your spam folder. Please keep the voucher numbers and the Terms and Conditions since the numbers are required for redemption. It is also important to mention that there is no Direct Ticketing fee for reservations confirmed online at Further, I have also received additional correspondence from other passengers. Therefore, I will be responding to Mr. Ueland’s and Mr. Dumbeck’s concerns directly. Again, we are very sorry if there was a discrepancy at the boarding gate in Fresno on May 25. Your business is valued and we hope to serve your future air travel needs. Sincerely, Michele Schrader Coordinator, Corporate Customer Care Delta Air Lines

June 18, 2013

Michele Schrader
Coordinator, Corporate Customer Care
Delta Airlines


There is no “confusion as to the time the door was closed” on the part of anyone involved except, I must conclude, those whose inexcusable negligence, abuse of authority and cavalier behavior now add blatant dishonesty to their own untrue accounting.

And there was not a problem “hearing” any announcements before, during and at a point of “last call.” THERE WERE NO ANNOUNCEMENTS MADE. PERIOD.

I must suggest this sad incident clearly now requires accentuated executive review.

With ever mounting frustration,

Peter Cavanaugh

cc: Mark Dumbeck
Christian Ueland

June 20, 2013

—–Original Message—–
From: Contact Delta
To: ledzep2001
Sent: Thu, Jun 20, 2013 5:11 am

Subject: Re: CC-Past Travel Compliment or Complaint-Complaint-Other-FAT (KMM24333654V30270L0KM)

Dear Mr. Cavanaugh, RE: Case Number 9102172

Thank you for your most recent message. We apologize for any misunderstanding. The confusion and discrepancy with the time the door closed is on our part. Unfortunately, it seems the computer time shows the entries for your seating, the standby clearance and other seat discrepancies almost an hour after your flight departed. I apologize for any errors with our system and the gate agents handling of the flight departure. My explanation only intended to advise you of the reasoning behind my earlier comments and not as a excuse. I truly regret you felt this was cavalier behavior or dishonesty. Further, while we understand your frustration, there were boarding announcements in the gate area. Respectfully, this flight departed the gate with 43 passengers onboard at 6:24. It would be impossible to board and dispatch a flight without any announcements or contact with the passengers. However, it seems the messages were not broadcast throughout the terminal or security area. According, we are sorry that the announcements were not heard in the rest of the terminal or security area. This concern has been forwarded to our Airport Customer Service Leadership team for internal review. Again, I would like to emphasize that we are extremely sorry for the situation that you experienced, and that our position on the matter has had such an impact. We have tried to apologize in the sincerest manner possible with assurances of internal follow-up in the areas of service which you identified. I am sorry for your continued disappointment. Mr. Cavanaugh, we regret the disruption to your travel. I hope in time you will provide us with another opportunity to restore your confidence. Sincerely, Michele Schrader Coordinator, Corporate Customer Care Delta Air

June 20, 2013

Michele Schrader Coordinator
Corporate Customer Care
Delta Air Lines

“It would be impossible to board and dispatch a flight without any announcements or contact with the passengers. However, it seems the messages were not broadcast throughout the terminal or security area. According, we are sorry that the announcements were not heard in the rest of the terminal or security area.”

Again, Ms. Schrader, I am ever more disappointed with your escalating defense of this inexcusable incident.

It is certainly possible to “board and dispatch a flight without any announcements” since THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT TOOK PLACE.

My “dishonesty” reference was to those providing you with altered information.

You were not there.

I and five others ready to testify were.

And will.

Peter Cavanaugh

ashley swearingen —

June 20th, 2013

—–Original Message—–
From: Delta Air Lines
To: ledzep2001
Sent: Thu, Jun 20, 2013 5:00 pm
Subject: Delta Customer Care – Tell Us How We Did

Dear Peter,

It was our pleasure assisting you with your Delta Customer Care request. Our goal is to deliver the very best service possible, so your feedback is important in helping us recognize and improve our quality. Please let us know how I did by completing a brief survey via the following link:

Thank you for your participation and for your business,
Michele |
Delta Customer Care



Delta Response 6:20:13

June 23, 2013

Dear Mr. Cavanaugh

RE: Case Number 9276860

Thank you for taking the time to write. On behalf of Delta Air Lines, Air France, and KLM we appreciate the opportunity to review your comments. We assure you we will reply within 30 days. Please know we strive to meet a goal of responding within 7 days, however, due to the complexity of some correspondence, we may need additional time to respond and appreciate your patience. If you need assistance with a current reservation, please contact Reservations directly at 1-800-221-1212 or visit for our international reservation offices. They will be happy to assist you. Sincerely, Customer Care

June 24, 2013

Dear Mr. Cavanaugh,

RE: Case Number 9102172 Thank you for your email dated June 20.

I understand your continued disappointment. Respectfully, as you have indicated, you were not at the gate when Flight 4624 was boarded. Our records indicate that 43 passengers were onboard when the flight was dispatched. We understand you feel that our agents did not make any announcements in the gate area and the passengers boarded with our instructions from our personnel. After additional consideration, I regret we have been unable to resolve this matter to your satisfaction. Again, thank you for writing. It is my hope we can put this matter in the past. On behalf of Delta Air Lines, I apologize we were unable to fully resolve your concern. Sincerely, Michele Schrader Coordinator, Corporate Customer Care Delta Air Lines.

June 25, 2013

“It is my hope we can put this matter in
the past. ”

No, Michelle.

We’re now moving this into your future.

Peter Cavanaugh

cc: Christian Ueland
Mark Dumbeck

delta fined

ny times delta

“Uncle Elmer Rides Again!”

June 21, 2013


My little brother and I sat quieter than mice on cotton.

Several times each year, my widowed mother would book us on New York Central’s mighty “Empire State Express” from Syracuse through the Mohawk Valley to Albany, where we would spend a few days visiting my grandfather, William’s, three aging sisters in their expansive second floor flat on Grandview Terrace overlooking the Hudson River.

There was Aunt Bumps and Aunt Ellie, married to their respective husbands for over fifty years, and Aunt Belle, who hadn’t been married for even fifty minutes to anyone at all. Belle, my feisty eighty-two year-old favorite, had been engaged to a handsome young Irish policeman named Steve when he dropped dead of a heart attack in the middle of Albany’s 1897 St. Patrick’s Day Parade. At least once a month after Sunday church, Aunt Belle would take a trolley car to Saint Agnes Cemetery with a picnic lunch to bring Steve up to date. She never took another lover.

Aunt Bumps was married to Uncle Jack, while Aunt Ellie’s husband was my Uncle Elmer, a taciturn, solemn Baptist who never spoke a word he could avoid, but always furtively slipped me a quarter for ice cream — quite a score back then.

The five had moved in together during The Great Depression and never found reason to drift apart. The secret of their remarkably amiable coexistence was faithful adherence to certain points of protocol established over time to insure group tranquility while honoring specific individual priorities.

Uncle Elmer’s supreme moment of unchallenged control occurred three times weekly at 7:30 PM when everyone would take his or her place in a favorite living room spot, all household lighting would be extinguished without exception and thirty minutes of unbroken family silence would begin as the opening strains of Rossini’s “William Tell Overture” filled the air and the sonorous voice of announcer Fred Foy solemnly intoned, ” Return with us now to those thrilling days of yesteryear! From out of the past come the thundering hoof beats of the great horse Silver! The Lone Ranger rides again!

It was a holy moment. Elmer would take a mighty hit from his ancient briar pipe and rock deeply back with eyes tightly closed – lost in supreme contentment.

With tens of millions listening over the ABC Radio Network, “The Lone Ranger” was broadcast live from the studios of Detroit’s WXYZ, 1270 on your AM dial starting on January 31, 1933. Partners George W. Trendle and H. Allen Campbell owned the program, as well as “The Green Hornet” and “Sergeant Preston of the Yukon” which also originated in the Motor City.

Trendle was notoriously cheap, choosing to use “The William Tell Overture” and other classical pieces as background music in his productions since they weren’t subject to copyright payments.

Fran Striker, who wrote virtually all of the “Lone Ranger” scripts, received nothing other than a minimal salary for his efforts through the years and was once briefly fired when he asked Trendle for a three dollar per episode raise.

As radio historian Jack French noted in his 1999 essay on Trendle entitled, “The Miser of Motown”, “The strength and popularity of WXYZ and its syndicated network programming became a gold mine for Trendle and his banker cronies. But the talented cast, crew and production staffs of these shows always got short-changed. Many of the high-handed practices Trendle perfected would not have been successful in any era other than The Depression, where any job was eagerly sought by desperate Americans.”

Perhaps that’s why Striker, in formally composing a list of essential Lone Ranger characteristics for writing assistants, included these exact words: “The Lone Ranger believes that men should live by the rule of what is best for the greatest number.”

Trendle and Campbell eventually used part of their “Lone Ranger Money” to put a new radio station on the air a few miles north of Detroit in Flint, using their “Trendle and Campbell” initials for the call letters of W-T-A-C. I joined WTAC in 1964 as a local DJ and ran into many of the “WXYZ old-timers” during my Michigan years, including “The Lone Ranger” himself, Brace Beemer. That role came to be played by Clayton Moore in the subsequent TV series and is now inherited by Armie Hammer in the new movie opening next Wednesday, July 3rd, at the Met Cinemas.

With Johnny Depp as Tonto, this new “Lone Ranger” promises to be THE summer movie of 2013 and, judging from the trailer, looks like another Disney masterpiece. I’ll be there for the first showing, saving an empty seat right next to me.

For Uncle Elmer.

“Hi-Yo, Silver! And away!”

“Blurred Lines”

June 6, 2013


Peter and Eileen Cavanaugh with all four daughters and eleven grandchildren together for the first time in six years. At William Pyron’s Graduation Weekend. Cincinnati, Ohio. May 31, 2013

Megan Richardson was so mad she could spit.

The source of her anger was Scott Sloan and his unabashed enthusiasm for “naked young girls.”

Scott is the midday host on 50,000 watt powerhouse WLW — throughout the years Cincinnati’s most listened-to radio station.

I was in Cincinnati last weekend for our grandson, William’s, High School graduation.

William, an Eagle Scout, is headed for Ohio University in the fall where he has entered an ROTC program in preparation for extended military service following college. When he rose with other similarly pledged classmates during formal commencement ceremonies to indicate his commitment, I was filled with pride. It wasn’t that long ago I carried him on my shoulders as he laughed and pulled my hair.

Joining daughter Colleen and son-in-law Lindsey Pyron (William’s Mom & Dad) — with us in Cincinnati for William’s happy occasion were our three other daughters — Laurie from Nashville, Candace of Detroit and Susan from right here in Oakhurst — all of the preceding accompanied by their own families. It was the first time in six years all of us were together. Eleven grandchildren aside, I was the only non-Republican in the bunch. Spirited political discussion is never excluded from our conversations, but we truly love each other. The joy of reunion always takes unchallenged precedence over all else whenever and wherever we meet.

WLW is owned by Clear Channel, a media giant offering extraordinary conservative programming, including syndication rights to Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Mark Levin and others of that ilk. In fact, WLW’s primary coverage area, a combination of Southern Ohio, Eastern Indiana and Northern Kentucky counties, is about as conservative an area as you’d ever hope to find this side of Ho Chi Mihn City. That’s why Scott Sloan’s live interview with Megan Richardson of the “International Womens’ Council” struck me as hugely entertaining and spectacularly unique. It also illustrated a particularly pertinent point. Against every principled position — an opposite usually exists. For genuinely sharp focus on any subject, we are decidely dulled without debate. In the search for truth, black and white sometime join and merge to gray. Clarity often waits only behind blurred lines.

And it was “Blurred Lines” that was driving Megan Richardson nuttier than a pound of pecans on Scott Sloan’s WLW show.

“Blurred Lines”is an R&B/Hip-Hop smash here and overseas. Robin Thicke (Alan’s kid) is the recording artist, accompanied by American rapper T.I. and singer/producer Pharrell. It is #1 in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Ireland and the Netherlands and listed among the Top Ten in Belgium, Denmark, France, Portugal, Switzerland and here in The States. But in Megan’s view it’s not the song that’s wrong — it’s that “disgusting video.”

In the visual presentation we see Thicke, T.I. and Pharrell casually standing around appearing almost oblivious to topless models Emily Ratajkowski, Jessi M’Bengue and Ell Evans prancing about in wild, provocative frolic — almost ignored by the targets of their seduction. You almost get the impression the guys would rather be at a ballpark. Since the topless part of the piece and certain suspect gestures violate YouTube’s terms of service, they keep taking it down, then someone puts it back up. Make no mistake. This is for mature viewers only. Ask your teen.

Richardson’s talking points were the usual “we’re all going to hell in a hand basket” rap, mixed with outrage at Sloan’s insistence that she’s completely missing the fact that “Blurred Lines” graphically presents an excellent “learning opportunity” to teach his own daughter about reactionary rhetoric, exploitive sex and media manipulation. While I initially suspected Scott was brilliantly baiting Megan, I eventually came to conclude he was honestly being truthful in his general assessment and summary dismissal of Ms. Richardson’s novice naivite.

My own perspective is that both the song and video are pretty cool, though admittedly hotter than your average bare.

The “Blurred Lines” video was produced and directed by Diane Martel.

Watching kids go hungry is obscene.

As is ignorance, intolerance, stupidity and war.

Not bouncy breasts.

Hey! Hey! Hey!


Scott Sloan WLW Interview —

“ABC Outfoxes Competition”

May 17, 2013


Bill O’Reilly? Sean Hannity? Megyn Kelly? Make way for King Karl!

On Friday, May 10th, ABC Chief White House Correspondent Jonathan Karl grabbed major media attention across a wide spectrum with an “ABC Exclusive” now revealed to be woefully inaccurate, significantly misleading and pathetically unprofessional.

What appeared to be direct quotes from the e-mails of White House and State Department aides turned out to be significantly less. After CNN challenged Karl’s credibility, he admitted he hadn’t actually reviewed the material in question himself, but was “quoting verbatim” from someone who allegedly had. The White House finally put an end to all speculation with the release of documentation proving Karl’s inaccuracy — and once and for all establishing beyond doubt that the Administration did not engage in any Benghazi talking points cover up.

Edward Wasserman, dean of the Graduate School of Journalism at Berkley, unequivocally says of Karl’s “Exclusive”, “It’s highly problematic ethically, and the failure to acknowledge or correct is even worse.” Wasserman’s review is echoed by Tom Fiedler, dean of the Boston University College of Communication, who stated Karl’s report “cries out for a correction.”

Ramping up the craziness — it seems that the Obama White House had already made the alleged source of Karl’s revelations available to Republican leadership several months earlier in tandem with Confirmation Hearings for CIA Director John Brennan, except the actual documents offer a much different conclusion than that so self-servingly and haphazardly presented by Karl.

The fact that so many Congressional Republicans expressed shock and dismay over initial coverage of the phony ABC “discovery” offers woeful witness to and undeniable evidence of their own gross negligence in not reading what had been in front of them all along.

After Benghazi blaming went the way of reported flying saucer landings on Von’s roof, Big Foot sightings in North Fork and the most recent alien abduction up near Fish Camp, at least Obama haters still had FBI subpoenas of Associated Press phone records and IRS persecution of the Tea Party to fall back on — for a few minutes. But if scandals were sandals –they’d now have sore feet.

New information indicates that no laws were clearly broken in either instance, although both subjects remain areas of deep concern in terms of obviously conflicting interpretations of applicable legislation on the part of underlings who, in every instance, had no direct connection to or communication with the President regarding their actions. Even in the face of House Speaker John Boehner’s “Who’s going to jail?” pandering, ambiguity is not a felonious offense.

But the big buzz bursting out of Jonathan Karl’s sloppy journalism has left its toll. A new survey by Public Policy Polling reveals that 23% of Americans have come to believe that “Benghazi is the biggest political scandal in American History”, although a full 39% of this number have absolutely no idea where Benghazi might be located.

This grouping presumably includes the 17% of our fellow citizens who still insist that President Obama is a Muslim and the 24% who “know he was born elsewhere”, including more than half (55%) of registered Republicans according to a Dartmouth poll.

By my estimation, a “low information voter” is infinitely worse than a “no information voter” — the latter representing simple ignorance while the former illustrates a simple mind.

Rhetorical venom seeps into some, yet poisons all.